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07.27.2016 Talking Tech

How Explainer Videos Improve B2B Marketing

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B2B Marketing with Explainer Videos

Many companies are born from the idea of a novel concept leading to a simple solution.

Utilizing explainer videos to explain and illustrate your business’s services is one of the best ways to market to prospective clients, and partners. B2B companies running lead-gen campaigns are generally straightforward in their approach because they do not have time for lollygagging. These companies have a wide range of products or services which can be explained and demonstrated much better through video, whether it be because their services are new in the market or because they need to differentiate themselves.

Many prospects do not want sales reps drilling down their throat or an overly wordy pitch that goes nowhere.

Explainer videos eliminate all that.

They give a great overview of your functions and benefits. The more useful information you provide, the more likely your brand will resonate in their mind.

Example of a Business Explainer Video

Take, for example, our Lightswitch explainer video. It gives a succinct overview of the services that Lightswitch offers, has a voiceover so that the audience does not have to both read and watch, offers relevant statistics from research, and ends with a call-to-action. All explained in 50 seconds.

According to Insivia, including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Research from Internet Retailer says that rate is increased to 85% if the video is a product video due to increased confidence in purchase decision. We recently went into detail about the increasing importance of video in the eCommerce world and explainer videos certainly fall under the same general umbrella. Video is very engaging. Most prefer content that is informative, but brief.

One of the most successful explainer video campaigns run by a start-up company in the digital age is Dropbox. When the file hosting service launched its website in 2007, the layout UI was simple; their landing page consisted of the explainer video and a link to sign up. By shifting their traffic’s attention solely on the explainer video (and thus how the service works), they were able to get more people to watch and learn not only how this new form of file storage worked, but why they should consider the service when similar file sharing services from major corporations exist (Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud, for example).

By 2012, this simple campaign was instrumental in the service reaching 100 million users. According to Forbes, the explainer video led to a 10% increase in conversions, or 10 million extra customers. With an estimated $4.80 of revenue per customer, that’s $48,000,000 in revenue per year. Not too shabby for simply using an explainer video on a landing page, eh?

Let your website speak to your potential customers and include an explainer video in your marketing strategy. Whether a business is banking on being the next big innovation for their sector or utilizes more of a conventional type of business model, the results are clear that explainer videos do nothing but help bring in potential clients in B2B marketing.

If you have any questions about creating an explainer video for your company, we would be happy to help.

Blog by Joe Valdez

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